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Insurers have a right to recover payments made to an insured arising from the negligence of a third party. The general rule is that, after paying a claim, an insurer is “subrogated” to the rights of the policy holder and can “step into the injured party’s shoes” to go after or sue the negligent party. We have prosecuted and collected subrogation claims on behalf of insurance companies since 1976 – before computers and copy machines. Since that time our firm has developed into one of the largest subrogation firms in the Pacific Northwest. As the industry has grown, we have carefully grown with it, conserving resources and adopting payment disbursement technology, while obtaining the best possible results.


Our attorneys have well over 100 years of combined experience in defending a broad range of cases on behalf of insurance companies and their insureds in Oregon, Washington, and federal courts Idaho. We have extensive background in defense of first-party claims, including uninsured motorist claims, personal injury protection claims and bad faith claims such as those arising from arson, fraud, PIP, theft, construction, commercial coverage and automobile accidents.


We have defended and taken to trial all types of construction claims brought against developers, contractors, subcontractors, construction managers, suppliers, and design professionals. We provide representation to clients in heavy construction as well as clients engaged in general building construction – including industrial, commercial and residential structures. We have substantial experience defending claims arising from allegations of defective and negligent design, defective products supplied to construction projects and defective design/construction defects that cause catastrophic failure.


Our attorneys provide analyses of insurance coverage matters on a routine basis. This can range anywhere from an informal consultation on the meaning of a particular policy clause to full and detailed evaluation and consultation on complex commercial coverage issues. Based on extensive experience over the past 30 plus years, we provide insurance carriers with reliable coverage opinions. We are well-versed at investigating, litigating and resolving insurance claims, as well as complying with regulatory requirements.

Our office is open and operating remotely during the shelter in place restriction currently in effect. You can call us at 503-224-2165.

If you call our office and are unable to reach reception, please email the attorney you are trying to reach directly. You can find individual attorney e-mail addresses in their website profile. For general inquiries, please email

MacMillan, Scholz & Marks, PC is a general litigation law firm with a distinguished 40 year history. Our attorneys specialize in diverse practice areas including insurance defense, subrogation, construction defense, intellectual property, and insurance coverage analysis across Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. We’re here to help you bridge the gap between litigation and resolution.

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