Insurers have a right to recover payments made to an insured arising from the negligence of a third party. The general rule is that, after paying a claim, an insurer is “subrogated” to the rights of the policy holder and can “step into the injured party’s shoes” to go after or sue the negligent party. We have prosecuted and collected subrogation claims on behalf of insurance companies since 1976 – before computers and copy machines. Since that time our firm has developed into one of the largest subrogation firms in the Pacific Northwest. As the industry has grown, we have carefully grown with it, conserving resources and adopting payment disbursement technology, while obtaining the best possible results.

MacMillan, Scholz & Marks provides a full range of subrogation legal services to insurance carriers in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Our experienced Subrogation Department assists insurance carriers in all types of subrogation claims, including the areas of personal lines insurance (personal injury and property damage), automobile claims, commercial claims, product liability claims, construction disputes, condominium property damage disputes, workers compensation, ERISA, disputes against state and federal agencies, fire claims, and uninsured motorist claims.

Our attorneys are highly skilled and effective in favorably resolving subrogation claims, and are well known for our efficiency and results. We work closely with our clients, adapting our practice to their particular needs, and are committed to resolving all disputes in a timely and cost-effective manner.